The official Dwars Door Mechelen results!

The results are in, I finished 1717th with a nice 0:56:33 time! Barefoot & with a backpack. And huge congratz to my 2 fellow runners as well! The results will also be on tomorrow, including the recorded finish and official stats: 56:34minutes, 5:50 m/km, 10.29 kmph. And this is my run, thanks to MyTracks […]

Fitocracy is now tracking my workouts

Just got myself a : G3n profile with the The 404 invite code! Ive been looking for something like this for a while now but nothing really did it. This Fitocracy thing however does seem ok! I inputted my workouts for Sunday (Bouldering 2h) and Tuesday (45m bouldering & kettlebelling) and I was able to input most of it […]


This pic was taken in the dressing room where I work out. The exposed wires are about shoulder high and right next to the shower area!! I love the place, in part because its dirt cheap.. but this kind of shit makes me jittery :/