UGent Closed Calendar

I have no clue if UGent has a digital version of the closed calendar, but I took the liberty of posting my Goog calendar for when its closed; since I have it anyway.. Disclaimer: dont blame me if there’s a typo, use this at your own risk 😉 XML: ICAL: HTML: CSV: […]

The Old..

Im relieved to finally be able to say I quit the old job and have started the new job. Where I might have thought quitting the old job to be the easy part, I can now look back on these 9 weeks of FUD and doubt, intermingled with manipulative management speak and unreasonable requests and […]


The export module is ready too & I’m actually quite content with it 🙂 It works lovely & spews out .CSV as asked by the customer.. cool! And it iactually exports some (legacy) hard coded stuff too so they can always get that data too & get updated versions should changes be necessary.. Yeah! 🙂 […]

Holly hell, Shit, Crap, Fuck,

GODDAMNED, Frack! Fuck, Aaaaaaartghfjioaezfezhizefljkfzenfzekrnfzklqnqdvsnvqknvqfj! I just spent about half a day looking for a mySql problem. A select that didnt work. I selected a test value but it didnt return anthing. I checked the output in phpMySql, checked the tables, doublechecked the database record, the tables, … …………………….. Frustration & whatnot but its OK now. […]