A second visit to saunate. Its good to see that they are constantly improving their sauna. The visit was slightly better than the last one, but still I have the same irks as before.. * Weird people. Cant really quantify this; but its an issue. For an example.. In the first sauna there was an […]

Aqua Azul

We finally found the time to check out Aqua Azul (Link). A wonderfull sauna, Art Nouveau style, in the heart of Gent, Patershol. Truely an amazing sauna. With 2 Saunas, a cold pool, foot bath, some several shower spaces, a cold water pit with waterfall and, most of all 🙂 lots of rest areas 🙂 […]


This week, we went n checked out Saunate. A huge sauna center near Gent. We heard about it several times, checked the site & .. its amazing! Yet Different :s The short version of explaining it all would be – Its Sauna, but the Pool experience. You know, those huge pools.. Built to cater at […]


We finally got some sauna action going again!! It was waay too long ago. So we got together with Kaishi & his lovely one for some Sauna (lack of) action at Sauna O.. A nice sauna in an immense basement with great atmosphere. Saunas, several cold water solutions and a cool water pool. For an […]