Im impressed by this pretty picture! I REALLY like the whole idea and concept! There are more cool pics on that site, though most are NSFW, inlcuding this great picture


I just stumbled upon First I thought “omg a tattoo flash site :(” which I didnt really look forward to because for some reason I dont like tattoo flash. This is actually quite snobbish of me & I do realise it.. But anywho; I was slightly currious SO I decided to create a user […]

Miami Ink

@ Discovery Channel. I saw a lot of that over a year ago & .. its an amazing series! Even people who are not really that much into the whole body mod thing are usually very interested in the program. .. Sleep now! Big news soon 😉

Beautiful work!!

Beautiful work!! 🙂 Its truely amazing work! The nose, the lips, the flowers. Its all Incredibly well done! I also LOVE the Glowing red collor 🙂 Its a pitty though I dont like the healed effect as much. I wouldnt mind meeting the person who did this! I love it 🙂