SECRET ANARCHYCORE: Notable town events.

I joined in on the SECRET ANARCHYCORE day yesterday.Organised on G+ and described as vollows: SECRET ANARCHYCORE How it works: 1-POST HERE so people know that you haven’t got anything better to do than fulfill their d100 table fantasies. You can’t make a request without putting your name out there, home slice.Then cool your heels for […]

the @privateerpress war room app wants me to pay 6th time for the same content.

I try to like the @privateerpress war machine app, War Room & it has nice sides. But I’m having a hard time getting over having to buy those cards after buying the MK1 books, MK1 cards deck, MKII books, MKII cards deck and a big feldherr bag full of miniatures.  (With a card each) Feels […]