Made coffee during the weekend. For me and my cute wifey.. Nothing like a small pictures series 🙂 The conventional way! The beans and mixer! Dont buy these beans. I might be spoilt but they taste burnt and watery. Dont go there! But I didn’t know that then.. All ready to go Ready to pour! […]


John, our REA, sent me this mail.. Always contact your REA before posting pics on the internet. You wanna sell your shit like it’s $$$ BLING $$$? Don’t use FUGLY pics. Let your REA handle it to GLORIFY things. as an update to this tweet I did earlier :/ Cafe late. with sugar. # […]

My lunch..

My colleague at work is Incredibly curious about what I ate.. What was contained in the lil paper bag now lying next to me, empty except for some waste paper. I was really happy I ordered that because, I do eat it regularly and truely love it. Its to some degree turning to be quite […]


Yes, we finally went Nespresso this weekend! We went to the store (some electro store in Gent) to check out the machines, I was going to buy her one for her BDay.. & istead, she went & bought a machine, all like that! We then drove on to Lille to the Nespresso store to get […]

2nd cup :)

Hmmmmmmmmm!! 🙂 I’m using a new plugin for all this Picasa goodness.. Well, actually 2. Lightbox 2 and Picasa Lightbox. I dont care much for the lightbox part, But the picasa functionality is just what I was looking for!! Picasa photos right in the WordPress menu.. Amazing! Pitty though it only shows public pictures. All […]