Q: What is the tastiest kind of donut? Please do not reply “bagel.”

A: I hate donuts. I honestly dont understand what people like about them. Its come to the point where I have decided European donuts must suck and I need to go to the US to try a donut because if the whole of america is enamoured with what they sell as donuts here, you’re all […]


Made coffee during the weekend. For me and my cute wifey.. Nothing like a small pictures series 🙂 The conventional way! The beans and mixer! Dont buy these beans. I might be spoilt but they taste burnt and watery. Dont go there! But I didn’t know that then.. All ready to go Ready to pour! […]


John, our REA, sent me this mail.. Always contact your REA before posting pics on the internet. You wanna sell your shit like it’s $$$ BLING $$$? Don’t use FUGLY pics. Let your REA handle it to GLORIFY things. as an update to this tweet I did earlier :/ Cafe late. http://phodroid.com/09/10/2f7373 with sugar. # […]


I just had a go at the Mulberry tree back in the yard. Mulberries (Moerbeien or Moerbeibessen) are a rather unknown type of fruit in Belgium and They RULE! I grew up in a problematic fruit situation. I had several types of fruit in the yard and when it ripened, there was an Incredible amount […]


So Lede has a Whisky club? Cool! whiskyclubdalwhinnie.be Thats cool Its just that I feel a deep love for the Glengarry in Gent.. So I dont know if we ll get in conact with them. Its a wake up call to get back to Gent though.. yet going drinking in Gent is really a Bad […]