D you know the feeling of the world crashing down on you, crushing all your hopes and wishes? I do 🙁 an old feeling renewed again 🙁 Hopes and dreams..everything you longed & wished forlike a leaf, floating on an unspoiled water surface..Crushed by an elephant This quite rocked my worldup to the point that […]

Bweurk – morning woke up @ 11, hurried @ jh to do the countingWAY to early for ANYONE (expecially me) to get up!! For our web commic of the day, today, we feature Purple Pussy! Very funny, quite evil.. Great Gonna do some readingmight wake up some more then plans for this afternoon? *checks cell* […]

My Night Up Tiil .. eeuhrm whatever, sleepy time 😀 in shortShopping with Grandma (yay)Going tough a WHOLE load of SHIT for Tinnes BDay presentBeing Restless (hell when trying to read!)Pickup of ME by DIRKIE 😀Getting €40 worth of tickets (= 6) @ Kinepolis (bruxelles)Going to Funeral Dress @ AB Club.. I must say, thats […]

Waking up never was my best experience, but this morning was different! I woke up in warming yellow sunlight, and with memories to my dreams of last. Nathalie visited me in those, every part of them leading up to our kiss.. such a great way to spend the night, such a heavenly way to wake […]

Movies 🙂 Just finished (well yeah finished.. like 2 hours ago) watching Changing Lanes.. Quite ok a movie.. really, quite ok. Altough it misses some of its load. But its a nice tryI also saw the original Ring today.. You know, the japanese version.. Nicee! The american remake really uses all the low down tricks, […]

YayMy first Blogger post using GAIM 😀Cost me blood, sweat & tears, but Its A Fact!! So now to watching a movie with Tom & Dirkie!! 😀 I got my Goodnight SMS from Nathalie! She s such a cutie 🙂 Really sweet SMS, All I hoped for! Damn she s nice 🙂

I got an idea today.. Francis’ my last week on earth.. Might write more about it soon 🙂 Went to see Jeepers Creepers 2 yesteray.. Surprisingly funny! I had expected crap as the first one is, but it was entirely much better than the first one. This is of course not that hard, but still.. […]

So my carnival alternatives are a Fact.. im off to Gent for a lil movie 🙂 With Stitchy .. thinking bout Nathalie! pitty I cant ask her to come with me :/ well, I could ask her, but i doubt she d make it! Ill have to settle with an sms 🙁 Hope I see […]

So what am I up to.. im trying to get this blog thing working 🙂 this blog & the blogging addon for Gaim too, of course 🙂 furthermore, im NOT going to Aalst carnival.. altough I might change my mind.. but.. no, not very lightly 😀